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Bridging Private Debt Institutional Fund LP: Private Debt

At Bridging Finance Inc. (BFI), we believe that institutional investors are looking for unique, relevant strategies and solutions to meet the needs of their clients.  To meet the challenge of clients’ return expectations, managers have turned to the area of alternative investments which has grown significantly over the past ten years.  BFI specializes in the Private Debt category of alternative fixed income.

BFI currently manages over $850 million for retail and institutional investors and has been managing money in the Private Debt space for five years.  The market for deal flow is robust and the Bridging Private Debt Institutional Fund has capacity to accommodate institutional allocations either in the fund itself or in a separately managed account.

With bond yields close to all-time lows, investing in Private Debt allows investors the ability to generate a higher yield than traditional fixed income investments as well as reducing volatility within a portfolio. With the aim of reducing the underachieving performance of an overall portfolio, diversification is the key to achieving a higher real rate of return over the long term.  The Bridging Private Debt Institutional Fund LP (BPDI Fund) focuses on preservation of capital first and foremost and generating a yield that will complement and enhance that of traditional fixed income investments.

The Investment Team at Bridging Finance has deep credit experience and follows a rigorous process in assessing a potential investment into the fund.  One of the advantages that Bridging Finance offers to potential borrowers is speed in execution, typically closing deals that meet the approval of BFI’s Investment and Credit Committees.  Investments are usually over-collateralized with terms ranging from 6-36 months with a defined exit (mostly Tier 1 Banks).

For institutional investors seeking a sleeve of Private Debt for their fixed income portfolio, the Bridging Private Debt Institutional Fund LP is an excellent option that is not correlated to the markets.

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