Bridging Credit Fund LP Announces Institutional Investment in the Fund

TORONTO, Canada (March 13, 2014) Bridging Credit Fund LP (the “Fund”) is pleased to announce that a large Canadian wealth management company has made a $2 million purchase of Class-I Units of the Fund. The institutional investment in the Fund was made after the completion of extensive due diligence on Bridging Finance Inc. (“Bridging”) and the Fund.


About Bridging Credit Fund LP

The investment objective of the Fund is to acquire and maintain a diversified portfolio of Factoring Investments and Asset Based Investments. The Fund offers clients yield outside of traditional fixed income investments (i.e. not invested in real estate or bonds) and is non-market linked. The Fund has an 8.16% return (annualized) since inception and is diversified across approximately 100 holdings.


Key Fund Features

  • Target Minimum Yield Risk Protection: If the Target Minimum Yield of 6.5% per annum is not met, the Manager will waive its portion of the management fee to meet the Target Minimum Yield.
  • Floating Target Minimum Yield: The Target Minimum Yield is a floating target that is adjusted once a year to reflect changes in the Prime Rate. Yield is paid out quarterly to investors.
  • Non Correlated: To traditional asset classes and public markets.


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Ian Baele,
Vice President, Sales
Bridging Finance Inc.
77 King Street West – Suite 2925
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