Bridging Finance acknowledges Orange Shirt Day September 30

Bridging Finance, a leading financier of First Nations and Inuit and ardent supporter of Indigenous reconciliation, acknowledges Orange Shirt Day September 30

The needless destruction imposed by Residential Schools had deep and lasting effects on community life, one of them being an exhaustive destabilization of local economies. At Bridging Finance, economic reconciliation is something we believe is paramount in the battle for equal rights for Indigenous communities across Canada. Since 2014, and the launch approximately 18 months ago of the socially responsible Bridging Indigenous Impact Fund, we have loaned tens of millions of dollars into Indigenous communities across Canada for projects ranging from medical service centers to housing and manufacturing. These loans are used to produce sustained economic success measured by indicators such as increased employment and greater access to housing and medical care.

We wear Orange today not with the hope it will immediately alleviate the many issues faced by the Indigenous population in Canada, but as a commitment to learn from and listen to the intergenerational victims of this national atrocity, while continuing to provide socially responsible investment into these communities.