Bridging Finance supporting Canadians during these challenging times

Bridging Finance has always been committed to supporting the growth of strong Canadian businesses. This is what we do. It is even more vital during these challenging times. We have seen the Canadian government take the unprecedented steps of closing our borders and ordering the temporary closure of all non-essential businesses to help combat the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

It is during these times that we see the impact that our loans have on fuelling the critical businesses in our economy. One essential area of the economy that has received a great deal of press recently is the food and grocery industry. Bridging  continues to support this industry through a number of partnerships. One firm in particular is SPUD, one of Canada’s largest online grocery retailers delivering fresh, local organic produce and groceries to Canadians. It is critical during these times to continue supporting businesses like SPUD and one way of doing this is by staying the course with Bridging. Bridging’s consistent, non-correlated returns act as a buffer to client portfolios during these volatile times while also offering critical financial support to these essential Canadian businesses and communities impacted by the pandemic like our First Nations communities.

Below is a short video message from the CEO of SPUD, Peter van Stolk, on what they are doing during these challenging times.

Real people, real businesses that continue to require our joint efforts and support for all Canadians.